CRM Update to Include Skype and iPad Access

Yesterday Microsoft announced their pending update to CRM due by the year’s end. Here are the highlights of the new functionality you can expect:

  1. Best practice sales and customer service business process guides
  2. Strong integration with Yammer to collaborate with your CRM contacts
  3. Integration with Skype for audio and video conferencing within your dashboard, with the ability to take notes simultaneously on a split screen
  4. Support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome running on Windows PCs, and Apple Safari running on Macintosh desktop computers and iPad
  5. In 2013, Microsoft will also introduce a Windows 8 mobile app for CRM Dynamics users

CRM has seen a 30% year-over-year growth; it currently has 36,000 CRM Dynamics customers with 2.7 million users and expects to pass the 3 million user mark by the end of this year.