How to Create a Successful Marketing Email

Whether your a professional services firm looking to increase your pipeline, or an investment bank putting out a teaser or sharing your latest closing, marketing by email has a role to play within your firm.

The good news is that our Relationship CRM solution has email marketing built in, thanks to our partnership with VerticalResponse. Any marketing list in CRM is automatically synchronized in our email marketing module and ready for your email – no downloading and reimporting needed! Just compose your email and click send. The results of your email – including bounce backs, opens, and clicks – are all visible right from within CRM. And our email marketing solution works not only with our Relationships CRM, but with LexisNexis InterAction CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

But how do you create the perfect email – one that looks professional and yet will produce the greatest results. Check out this excellent article from our partner for a step-by-step walkthrough sure to provide some insights for your next email. Have LexisNexis CRM, Swimfish’s Relationships CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.