InterAction Anywhere 3.3 is Now Available

We’re excited to announce the release of InterAction Anywhere 3.3! As part of our focus to continuously enhance our products, this update includes two new (and very exciting) features, as well as solutions to a few known bugs.

With InterAction Anywhere, you can access your InterAction CRM contacts through your mobile phone, on any internet browser – including FireFox, Chrome and Safari. You can view contacts, activities, relationships, and profile information and add contacts, activities, even reminders. Users can also add firm contacts to their My Contacts and view profiles on LinkedIn with just a click!

Anywhere 3.3

Our biggest and most requested enhancement is NTLM authentication for devices which are joined to the domain.  That means that when you’re on a mobile device like a BlackBerry that is already connected to your intranet, you’ll bypass our login screen and go directly into your dashboard.  No login required!  In addition,  we’ve added the ability to view All Lists (all Contact Types, Marketing Lists, and Working Lists), instead of just your “My Frequently Used” lists.

We’ve also fixed the following issues:

  • Activity Summary Required – previously, Activity Summary was not marked as required.
  • OS6 Click-to-Dial – the latest Blackberry OS update required a change to allow click-to-dial on phone numbers.
  • Session timeout – handling was added around session timeouts.
  • Web.config user’s stored lower case – corrected an issue where uppercase and lowercase account names were viewed as different users.
  • – updates to required that we change how we link to their site.
  • Google Maps addresses – updated to handle addresses not located in the USA.
  • Profile exception handling – Corrected issues caused by certain profiles.
  • Increased logging – more logging locations added.

We’re really excited to hear about what you think of this update, so comment below and let us know your thoughts!