Extreme Makeover: Login Page Edition

Key to Wonder

Notice anything different when you go to sign into our login page? It’s not your mind playing games with you. We’ve given our login page a whole new look and it’s looking pretty great if I do say so myself. Not quite sure what the changes are or how they might make your life as a Swimfish user a little easier? Allow me to walk you through it…

For all you Internet Explorer users, you might want to check out our Application Mode option. If you check that option, your dashboard will open up in a new tab.  It will work more like an application, rather than a browser window and will allow you to have a more full-screen view.

If you check out the bottom right hand corner, we’ve added some troubleshooting links to help assist you. We have a link to check your server status, which is a new feature we added a few weeks ago. We also have 2 more troubleshooting links – one to remind you to disable pop-up blockers and the other to guide new users through set up.

Another neat feature we’ve provided is a link to bookmark the Swimfish login page. It’s located in the upper right side of the page and will save you a few extra steps to offer quick and easy access to your dashboard.

Last but not least, we’ve added a section totally dedicated to this blog! You can quickly see the newest posts about best practices, updates and more right in the lower left hand corner. There’s even a link that allows you to subscribe to the blog, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

So there you have it. Those are all the new features to make logging into Swimfish an even better experience than before. Try them out and comment below to let us know your thoughts!